What Causes the Tread on Your Tyre to Separate?

Did you know that it is possible for the tread pattern on your car's tyre to actually separate from the rest of the cover and fall away? As scary as the thought is, this type of event does happen from time to time, and it's important to understand why that should happen and know what to do in order to prevent it. So, what can cause the rubber to separate in this way?

Tyre Design and Construction

Even though the tyre actually looks as if it is made from one piece of rubber, moulded and cut to a specific design, this is not the case. The manufacturing process is very complicated, and the cover is actually made up of many individual parts. The tread is the most carefully engineered piece of all and is specifically designed to keep your car safe under all weather conditions. It is bonded to the rest of the rubber at the end of the manufacturing line and will be perfectly strong and stable for the vast majority of the time.

When Things Go Wrong

Don't forget that these tyres are engineered to put up with a tremendous amount of wear and tear. They should run for thousands of kilometres without issue when properly maintained, but you need to ensure that they are correctly inflated at all times. If you do not pump enough air into the tyres to deal with everyday driving conditions, they can actually overheat, and when this happens, it will put a lot of pressure on the inside of the carcass. The internal tube may bulge, which can, in turn, cause the carcass to bulge outward or bubble as well. While this can sometimes lead to an instant deflation, it may also cause the tread segment to separate from the rest of the rubber.

Drive with Care

In an ideal world, try to avoid running over any large potholes or bumping into a kerb when parking. These events will stress the tyre and could lead to a failure down the road.

What to Watch out for

When driving, be on alert for any unusual signs or symptoms. For example, if you notice the vehicle start to vibrate, especially when you hit a specific speed, slow down and investigate. Your wheels may be out of alignment, but this could also mean that the tread is about to separate. More often than not, you'll get plenty of warning before this happens, and this should give you enough time to drive slowly to a fitter to get their advice.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Normally, if the tread on your tyre does begin to separate, you will need to buy a brand-new cover. So, if you suspect anything amiss or are worried about the risks of separation, talk with a tyre supplier right away.