How a Set of New Tyres Can Make Your Car a Lot Quieter

In the world of automotive technology, a month can be a long time. Developments continue at an amazing pace, and as soon as they are perfected, they find their way into the equipment that is fitted to your car or truck. If it's been some time since you replaced the tyres on your vehicle, you may be missing out on some of the latest innovations in this particular field as well, so why should you steer a course towards your tyre fitter to take advantage of these new products?

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Vehicle manufacturers understand that success in the marketplace these days will depend on the driver and passenger experience, rather than on other elements of design. As it is now crucial for them to develop a quieter car, this has led to considerable improvements in the makeup of each component and, in particular, the tyre.

After all, if the aerodynamic shape of the car provides less wind resistance and the engine is whisper-quiet, road noise becomes the only contentious element. Tyre manufacturers have fully addressed this issue, but if you're using older tyres, you may not be taking advantage of these benefits.

Addressing Resonance

If you notice a low-pitched humming sound whenever you drive down a highway, this is typically caused by the rolling resistance of the tyre as it meets the asphalt surface. However, modern tyres are being adapted to get rid of this noise so that they are much quieter, while also being as safe as possible.

Much of the noise that emanates from the tyre is caused by the air within, vibrating at speed. To address this resonance, each cavity is now filled with polyurethane foam that is attached to the interior wall of the tyre to absorb and dampen the vibration.

Performance Without Compromise

However, the manufacturers are also very keen to maintain performance while trying to address this noise production, and they've been careful not to add any appreciable weight. They also know how important it is to maintain competition in the marketplace and are sure that the technology does not add any real cost to the price of each tyre.

Getting Your Own

When you visit your tyre fitter, ask them if you can get a new set of tyres that are treated to take care of cavity resonance. They may be impressed with your knowledge base and will undoubtedly have some in stock and will be only too keen to satisfy your demands.