What Are the Benefits of All-Season Tyres?

If you are looking for new tyres to put on your vehicle, you might want to consider all-season tyres. While these might not be a good fit for everyone, depending on where you live and the average climate, they can be beneficial for many people. All-season tyres essentially allow you to use the same tyres year-round, which provides a lot of excellent advantages. Here are some benefits of these tyres to decide if they are a good fit for your vehicle.

They Can Be Used in Wet and Dry Conditions

The first benefit to getting all-season tyres is that you can use these same tyres in both dry and wet conditions, including various temperatures. While it is true that they work best in a mild or moderate climate without long, freezing winters, many areas work great with these tyres alone. This means you can use the tyres in the warm summer months, then continue using the tyres through rainy seasons and even into winter when snow is on the ground.

The Tread Life Often Lasts Longer in the Summer

One of the problems with regular tyres is that the tread starts to wear away quickly in the summer, due to the intense heat of the pavement and other surfaces you drive on. However, with all-season tyres, they are made with special tread that lasts longer thanks to high-quality rubber compounds and deeper tread depth. This is what makes them appropriate for not just rain and snow, but the intense hot temperatures in the summer as well. You no longer need to purchase summer tyres even if you live in a hot climate.

They Have Anti-Slip Properties

Another time of the year when you might have previously purchased new tyres for your vehicle is the winter with the increase in rain, snow, and ice. Depending on the type of snow you get and whether you live in a moderate climate or not, you might also be able to use these tyres in the winter. This is because the unique tread patterns of the all-season tyres have good traction on snow and ice, and can keep you from needing snow tyres. However, if you live in a cold climate, you might still need snow tyres, so that is something to keep in mind.

As you can see, the main benefits to all-season tyres are that you save money by not needing multiple types of tyres throughout the year, and the convenience of not having to return to the tyre shop every few months.